👋 Hey, we’re Huddle.

We’re a digital community and start-up launchpad that gives founders seamless access to talent, investors and support.
What to expect when you join
Instant resources and community
Day one you’ll get introduced to your group of investors, builders and fellow Huddlers there to help you get acclimated and succeed.
Access to our builders-in-residence
As a Huddle members you can opt-in to Huddle Teams, where we rally up expert builders and investors to take your ideas to launch.
Themed communities for ideation
If you’re figuring out what you want to build, you can tap into mini industry-centric communities to talk shop, brainstorm and get feedback from Huddlers interested in the same stuff you are.
Platform for funding and exposure
Get eyes on your start-up in our dedicated investor Slack channels or through our digital demo day called BYOB (“Bring your own Background”) hosted with our friends at Scout Lab.
Have a question?
Who is Huddle for?
Huddle is for founders. Our Huddle teams increase the odds of success for startup teams from day one (pre-Seed, Seed) through growth-stage. 
We also work with intrapreneurs at corporations and support accelerators, incubators, studios, and investors.
What do I get as a member?
Community, support, feedback, access to Teams, investor connections and exposure.
What does it cost to be a member?
What if I am exploring a start-up idea? How does Huddle help me?
Whether you’re a first time founder or a seasoned entrepreneur at the beginning of your new start-up journey, Huddle is the perfect place to figure out your next move.
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What is a Huddle Team?
A Huddle Team is a group of experienced start-up builders that will help you get sh*t done. Learn more about Huddle Teams here.
Who’s in the Huddle talent community?
Our community of builders-in-residence are more than freelancers – they’re all top-notch start-up players from companies like Spotify, Uber, WeWork and Pandora. Many have experience building companies and products from the ground up and are entrepreneurs or investors themselves.
How do I get a Huddle Team?
If you’re ready to get a team, apply here with what deliverables you need. BTW, buying a Team gets you free membership to Huddle.

If you’re not quite ready for a Team but may be in the future, apply to join the Huddle community to get access to our founder resources and support. Your community lead will help you get a Team together the moment you’re ready.
What if I just need work done?
Tell us what you need here and we’ll get you the team to get it done. Buying a Team gets you free membership to the Huddle community which has tons of perks too.
Building is our superpower.
As a Huddle member, you get access to our expert builders-in-residence to build what you need.
Pitch deck design + narratives
Marketing websites
Mobile apps
0-to-1 product strategy, marketing plans and more.

Welcome to community-powered company building.

Get surrounded by founders, experts and investors interested in the same things you are. When you're ready, link up with the best talent to start shipping.
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