About us.

We're a group of doers. Mover-shaker types who like getting sh*t done.

Let's f*cking go.

Too many of us waste energy working on things we don't love, with people we aren't jazzed about.

The gig-economy should make it easy for brave people to find meaningful collaboration, but it doesn't. Co-working spaces have become cold structures with free coffee and WiFi. Social clubs pitched collaboration and sold us cocktails.

The real tragedy is that society's big problems are going unaddressed. We're building things people don't need, moving too slow on the real issues. Political shifts and nonprofits can't do it alone. Entrepreneurial community is the key.

Huddle is a place where courageous humans team up and tackle big problems together. It's an alliance built on mutual respect, abundance, and play. There's no room for competition here. We're in this together.

Our members spend a portion of their time working on innovative projects we pay them for, funded by investors and corporations. In return, we offer members back-office assistance, tools, resources, and connections to support and grow their new or existing ventures.

Huddle membership is highly selective and we're currently in beta. To join our waiting list and receive invitations to community events, please apply above.

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