Huddle - Get a pop-up team of expert designers and builders. | Product Hunt
Huddle - Get a pop-up team of expert designers and builders. | Product Hunt

Get a pop-up team of superstar designers and builders.

Work with creators from companies like Spotify, Uber and Airbnb to fractionally work on your startup for equity or cash.
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Spin up a team of top creators to build alongside you.
Work with builders from top startups to help you get your idea off the ground, craft your pitch deck or design your MVP.
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Who is Huddle for?
Huddle is for founders. Our Huddle teams increase the odds of success for startup teams from day one (pre-Seed, Seed) through growth-stage. We also work with intrapreneurs at corporations and support accelerators, incubators, studios, and investors.
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A Huddle Team can jump in to help you ship these and more:
Branding + Marketing websites
Pitch deck design + narratives
Mobile apps
Growth strategy, copywriting and more.
Huddle teams help startups design, build, launch and get funded.
start-ups launched from scratch
capital raised
We’re proud to support these startup ecosystems:
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Empowering entrepreneurial humans

We meet some great founders that aren't quite ready to hire a Team. We accept a few of these ambitious founders into our community each month to get support from our builders-in-residence for a small membership fee + sweat equity.
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